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Roof Guard

As with any investment, regular, comprehensive maintenance will prolong the
life of your roof and protect its structure. You wouldn’t buy a car and assume that it won’t need regular oil changes or tune ups, so why would you invest in a new roof and fail to have it regularly inspected?

The T.F. Beck Company’s Roof Guard service is our way of providing you with a cost effective way to maintain your roof. If your roof has a warranty, regular inspection and maintenance is likely required to keep the warranty valid and if your roof does not have a warranty Roof Guard will
give you the peace of mind about the protection your roof provides.
Through our roof maintenance software, a baseline assessment of your roof system is generated, repairs are noted and the roof system longevity is calculated, which is critical in preparing maintenance and/or replacement budgets. With Roof Guard, the surprise cost of major roof repairs can often be avoided and your interior investments, like carpeting, ceilings, paint, and office equipment, stay protected.
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